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I know I have neglected the site for a while.I will now be staying on top of it!! Check back soon

March 31, 2010
Andrea's new label and new website
Andrea has a new label called Aperature, a label specializing in experimental music. They have several releases including a new album by Mark Clifford and Mira Calix called 'Cliffordandcalix', and an EP by 'Cliffordandcalix' with an Andrea Parker remix

Andrea also has now launched her own website Andrea has also set up a. Facebook page.

October 24, 2007
Touchin Bass site launched

Andrea's Touchin Bass website has finally been launched. You can read all about the artists on her label as well as find links to download the entire Touchin Bass Catalog

May 2, 2007
Touchin Bass label now available for download
You can now download Touchin Bass releases over at Warp Records download site Bleep .

April 3, 2007
Here's One I Made Earlier!
Andrea has released a 'new' album of older material. It's was released on Touchin Bass out on April 2, 2007. It contains many tracks not available on cd before. You can purchase the cd or download it in many formats at Juno Records Downloads. I hope she releases more of her early stuff. Here is the tracklsiting:
Here's One I Made Earlier! (2 April 2007)
CD TB 025CD Touchin Bass (UK)
Download (192 mp3, 320 mp3, wav) Touchin Bass (UK)
After Dark
Too Good To Be Strange
Time Zones
Empty Words
Unconnected Edit
Nearly There
The Swamp
Angular Art
Too Strange To Be Good
Andrea has been busy preparing for the launch of Touchin, but she recently tol me her webmaster went AWOL. She is planning to make the entire Touchin Bass catalog downloadable. In the meanwhile a few release aryou can get at Juno Records Downloads

April 30, 2005
Touchin Bass upcoming releases
A new label compilation called 'SUBsidence' is due out on June 6, 2005. Read the press release. This will be followed by a SUBsidence EP called 'Manasyt vs. Sync 24'

January 22, 2005
Upcoming Touchin Bass releases
Doctor Evil TBO11 - released end of Jan
Nobody's Perfect mix cd OUT NOW! TB012CD
Secret Frequency Crew EP - Released end of FEB ( joint release with Schematic ) TB013
Compilation of 17 tracks in total all unreleased on cd, double pack vinyl and EP coming in March.

October 17, 2004
Touchin Bass upcoming releases
Dotor Evil's Ritual EP is the next release on Touchin' Bass. It's released at the end of October. Here's the bio Here's the bio

Andrea's mix CD is due on November 22. This is a mix of Touchin' Bass releases 1-10'

Next up on Touchin' Bass will be a joint single with Schematic Records. It will be a 12" release of The Secret Frequency Crew Black Moss EP (TB013) [with exclusive track]. This is due out at the end of January of 2005

September 17, 2004
Doctor Evil
Dotor Evil's Ritual EP is the next release on Touchin Bass. It's was due on October 4 but has been delayed. Here's the bio Here's the bio

one>>ten by Andrea Parker
'one>>ten by Andrea Parker' is another forthcoming release on Touchin Bass. Sadly it's not the next album by Andrea (which i've heard she is working on). It's due in Novemebr. It's an Andrea DJ mix of Touchin' Bass cutz 1-10.

July 28, 2004
Forthcoming releases
Touchin' Bass release TB010. A Touchin' Bass mix cd by Andrea is next to be released. Remix of Nomatic (a Miami Artist) on Dopamine.

April 16, 2004
Forthcoming Tochin' Bass releases
EggFooYoung (TBOO8) Breakdance and motivate ep.. out in a couple of weeks.
Manasyt (TB009) Brainwash Volunteer Program ep .. out soon

A Touchin' Bass mix cd by Andrea will also be released later this year.

January 29, 2004
Forthcoming releases
Touchin Bass's next release is an EP by Eggfooyoung. due out soon!

January 29, 2004
Forthcoming releases
Touchin Bass's next release is an EP by Eggfooyoung. due out soon!

Decemebr 6, 2003
Forthcoming releases
Andrea will be doing a mix CD soon for her label, Touchin Bass, of material released on her label I believe. Also there will be a mix CD of unreleased Touchin Bass material. Details still to be confirmed

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