ARTIST: Doctor Evil
TITLE: Ritual EP
LABEL: Touchin Bass
CAT. NO: TB011
RELEASE: 4 October 2004

A1: dryer
A2: meld
B1: ritual (remix of formfollowsfunction)
B2: formfollowsfunction by logreybeam

Doctor Evil creates sonic weapons from the relative safety of his orbiting space station. He manages to eke out the most demented and apocalyptic sounds from his machines that will turn your head inside out. ItÕs not often that you hear something so fresh and as accomplished as this, which does truly sound as if it was made on a different planet to the other music out there. The music has real depth, not merely relying on obvious hooks or loops to keep the listenerÕs interest; just as a groove snags you in, it evolves into something else as everything dissolves into a sea of distortion or is swallowed up by a huge barrage of bass and the track hits you from yet another angle. If you want your electro demented, futuristic, groundbreaking, outright RUDE Š donÕt bother looking any further.

Doctor Evil is part of the Experimental Liquor Museum ( HYPERLINK "" - a small collective of djs and producers dedicated to bringing intelligent experimental electronic music to the dancefloor. He occasionally re-enters the earthÕs atmosphere for live performances using custom software he created with the SuperCollider programming language ( HYPERLINK "" Keep your eye on centers of electro-beacon-homing devices (Los Angeles, Charlotte, London) for the next earth appearance of Doctor Evil.

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