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Andrea Parker Interview

Enchanted of being able to speak with this lady, the beautiful one at the moment surrounded by beasts like Dj Assault or Dj to godfather. Andrea gave reasons us to follow with our philosophy. Revolution! To defend our ideals until death.

You finish publishing your last maxi in your new own seal "Touchin' Bass". What expectations of future you have for the seal?
Indeed, first maxi that we are going to publish is mine, in that DJ Assault & DJ Godfather take part. We are going to publish much Electro and electronic music although the seal is going away to concentrate coverall in music "bass". The next subject that we are going to publish is a subject of electro enough distorsionante of "Chaotic State". Also we are going to count between our rows with artists like Tipper (Nu School Breaks +Roller/Tech Step). We are going to publish many groups next, and DJ Godfather also is going to remove more subjects in the seal.

And when it is going to appear your new album? perhaps this year?
I finish beginning to record it, so I do not have nor idea of when it is going to be ready nor how long is going to take to finish it to me.

It is going it to publish your seal?
No, another seal different from Touching Bass

Mo Wax?
No, no longer work for Mo Wax.

White label?
No, it is that still I do not know it clearly.

Now which you have embarked in your own seal, you think that you are going to be able to follow ocup?ndote of your music and your facet as DJ of the same form?
I am going to continue puncturing, remezclando, publishing people and directing the seal, and everything with the same intensity. Right now, for example, I am composing a new album. I can do it everything without no problem.

This is the second time that kitchen maids in Barcelona, right?
No, this is my first time. (Uy, does not remember the kisses that it had to give, bad).

I have read in some place that you cannot support the people whom it punctures because he is "guai" or because he is fashionable. It would want preguntarte if you could give some advice to the DJs that really loves music and that finds very difficult to break through in this so hard world. It can that the key is in being faithful to the music that really you like before lanzarte to put what she takes at every moment. I for example, always been have interested in the Electro and electro never is or lets be fashionable. It has always been an underground current. But there is many DJs that changes their style constantly depending on which dice is popular in a while, I never I have done something thus, you must be faithful to your music and to fight by her until someday it sounds the bell.

How he was your tour in EUA with Radiohead?
This Tour had to me terrified, when in the end it turned out to be one of the experiences more hallucinating than I have had in all my life. I do not believe that in my life it has the opportunity to return to puncture in places like The Gorge or Red Rock, that is mass events, is celebrated in the Network Mountains, most spiritual and atmospheric the place in which never I have acted, but was frightful to puncture before a so multitudinal audience to whom she was not customary. But Radiohead was fantastic and was charming during the Tour. He was incredible...

There was much people?
Thousands and thousands and thousands. In my first performance I put myself ill of the nervous thing that was. But the public made me very feel safe welcome and of my same one. It was a hallucinating experience.

David Holmes punctures in Hollywood-The Angels for George Clooney& Co and your for Michael Stipe of REM. No, I never have punctured for Michael Stipe. Simply he was puncturing in NY makes a pair of years when one approached to say to me that he was a great follower mine, whom it liked my music. To all those that are passing a bad stage it seems to like they my music. Your seal is going to have distribution in Spain?
Yes, that I create. In principle my distributor SID in London is going away to order to make it reach the rest of countries, although I am not of the all safe one if she is going to make it arrive at Spain.

A Web exists that has a section on you, although is not official. Yes, right now I am working in the official Web, but no of the other pages has to do with me, so much deception circulates on my in the network.

You next work is going to offer the same dramatic quality that contained your first work for Mo Wax?
It enchants the penultimate song to me of that album. I believe that it is going to be an album somewhat different from first. Reason why it respects to music always I have moved in ends very opposed. Like when I passed of the sound of "Ballbreaker" to the "The rocking Chair". I have made music similar to the one of FALCO, with chelos and instruments to orchestrate to them traditional, also I have composed instrumental music... so I believe that the next album is going to be very different. Still and thus I believe that it is going to be a very dark album, because no matter how much attempt to be contented at the time of composing music, not it profit never.

It does not scare to you that your music always continues being so dark?
I like to live dangerously. I am famous exactly for that reason, and I am always scared. If i myself it were not it still it would scare more people.

Speaking of dramatic quality. You have collaborated in the accomplishment of some sound track. Think that your music could accompany films like Black Hawk Down de Ridley Scott or Muholland Drive de Linch?
It would enchant... my greater ambition to me it would be to musicar a terror film, is peculiar because most of subjects of my last album was used for documentary very strange and it surprises much to me that nobody requires me for a terror film.

I hallucinate with the cover of The Dark Age EP, a girl with a ball of discoteca by head. It seems the unknown dimension.
That was exactly the intention.

I have read that you have in house a collection of effects of hallucinating sound.
I have thousands and thousands of sounds. I have all a range of effects of sound of the BBC and original old films and moogs, about 70 different ones. I worked during a recepcionista time as in a company of videos and one of the boys of the production section was going to undo of tapes, was on the verge of sending them to the sweepings when I rescued them and began my collection. In fact I believe that I have all that effect of sound that somebody could want.

Having this precious voice, has still not requested you some collaboration?
Hatred my voice. Still nobody has requested to me that collaborates with my voice although the truth is that I do not feel very comfortable singing, I use it as if outside an instrument more, I do not create to have a great voice, is something of which I feel very uncertain. But I am going to sing in my next album, in which they are going to collaborate other artists, but the certain thing is that I cannot support to listen to my own voice.

The musicians you are very modest, always you want more, never are contentments with the result of your music. Which is the first disc that you bought yourself, perhaps one of Phillip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich?
First it was of Ruichi Sakamoto, if I am not mistaken. I am great fan of Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson, all of them have influenced to me deeply, coverall in my beginnings. All this people were great pioneers of music. What I like more of them is than all created a type of music that was totally new, thing that made pioneers. They were of first in secuenciar prudent and experimenting with different rates, in using analogical boxes of rates and sintetizadores, that are what I more like to do my. For my electronic music has sense whenever it counts on boxes of rate and analogical sintentizadores that allow to be able you to create your own sounds, whereas now the form in which the technology has evolved, has done that until a boy of four years can be fixed to play with one playstation, that has its good things, perhaps although it has done it all too simple one, and has caused that people are little creative.

How it is going to be your session of tonight in the Nitsa (we hope that she is not the last one)?
Never never planning my sessions in advance, never what I am going to put until I am placed behind plates. I am very spontaneous.

You have some other at sight session similar to the one of Dj Kicks?
Yes, right now I am working in one.

Why seal?
What I am going to tell to you. You they cannot say, to many seals does not like that nothing comments until it is all tied good. Because often it happens that there are plans that in the end are not ended up making and this still makes everything sadder porqu? people speaks much...

Whatnew remixes that you have done or you are preparing.
Of last the two remixes that done one was for Calix Sight for Warp and now I am working in others... of which I cannot say nothing to you.

Think that as the things have been developed, so that an album is of quality must be a fusion of styles or musics?
For somebody like I, which it has treated very distant musical styles, that have worked with as much with hip-hop of the beginnings, nu- skool or electro, and it has received very different influences has been important to conserve an own style, even when game with so different styles, I conserve myself to my same one. It is not like the people who blindly do music following the opinions of the fashion.

What bands these listening lately?
Now I am listening to many things that I am liking much, enchants the production to me of Doctor Gray, A1 People, Drexciya. Now I am listening to much hip-hop, in fact I am buying hip-hop basically. I like DJ Tipper and the groups of the seal warp, Miami Bass, that has been a great influence for my, along with DJs like Godfather. Reggae, Latin, House of the old one and the new one. And something that hatred with all my soul is the critical moment, I likes all the rest of music, but with the critical moment I cannot. I suppose that your music must have a faithful public in England. I believe that my music sounds less in England than in other countries, my music works and it is understood better in EUA, Japan or Germany, and not so well in London. Almost nonthorn in London. The problem of London is that people move too much by the fashions, and consumes according to which seals and go to according to that clubs porqu? is "trendy". Podria not to make a subject commercial nor although tried it with all my soul. We did not hope less of you. Ay! That times those in which we wished nymphs of techno...

Originally appeared in Popchild 07 Jan 2001. Copyright ©

Translation by: Altavista. Photographs by: Gemma Moliner. I don't think this translated too well but you can get the idea.