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She has to do much, her much published (various Singles on R&S, Sabrettes and Mo Wax, the album "Kiss My Arp", likewise on Mo Wax, an DJ Kicks edition and a kongenialen Steve realm Remix) and is nevertheless somehow underrepresented, with us, on the continent. With the EP "The Dark Ages" provided the Belgian label for electronic-experimental Koestlichkeiten a reentry for it in public consciousness. Further govern wummerige basses in their universe, finely flirrende Snares and rear-Hats and the flauschigsten, melancholischsten atmospheres of the united kingdom. On the occasion of a reservation in the citizens of Berlin Maria we wanted to know, what of Mrs Parker in the next months will have to be heard... and gotten first times the message that she needs still another one moment for breathing deeply, them has itself an unpleasant cold caught, finds in the baking steam turbine and gas turbine system refrigerator a erkaeltungsgemaesses fruit juice beverage and is first times on the whole line verschnupft. It contains also that she checks off all ranges of topics, which do not want to have discussed her now with a resoluten Einsilbigkeit. ' NO Bullshitting ' is announced, but as if some discussion dead ends later distant for plastic things from the liquor-flat, unfolds it is the full charm of a mixture out, says we, Kelly McDonald (from Trainspotting) and Diana Spencer (from the broken car). With cold stop. We switch ourselves approximately here...

fi ouk: The sound between your Mo Wax LP, the Singles and the new EP "The Dark Ages" remained quite the same. In your sets you draw from a very much further spectrum, and then there is still this Phillip Glass Connection. Why do you remain so connected for this sound?

ap: Now, when I came to Mo Wax, do not have I also suddenly HipHop made, if you understand, what I mean. A quantity of people changes their Style, as soon as they come to a new label. I am so on a considerable Hip Hop and electrical Freak, it always so an electrical impact will give in my music, 808 Drummachine and. I stand on a quantity of Styles, a quantity of music, and the one day work I with Phillip Glass and on the next day with DJ Godfather. I make sure thus a little that the people mean sound recognize can. In addition my equipment is genuinly old, the Synthesizer and like that, leads probably somehow to the fact that the things resemble each other. I love Arps and this whole Analogsynthesizer. I use stop only similar things. I do not SAM-polarize Breakbeats or Discobeats, which most make. I use Drummachines.

ouk: How is with the Vehaeltnis of text and music? At that time you brought a vocal and an instrument valley version raus, the EP contain only of instrument valley to material. Are there texts to the pieces nevertheless also?

ap: Actually I began only late with the Vocals. Sometimes I do not want to sing evenly, sometimes. The reason for the two versions was that that Instrumentals is to be played more easily in the club. The EP was conceived from the beginning instrument valley. But it will give again an Vocal album, on which it will give some features, and I will also again sing.

ouk: Who will belong to the guests?

ap: Oh, which I cannot say yet, but I have which in the eye seized.

ouk: Your whole activities with Ryuchi Sakamoto, Steve realm, Phillip Glass and fear for on A CAN... not particularly well documented.

ap: We make Liveshows, gibt's not on Vinyl. I remixe it live, support the music with Beats and sowas. And I have this Steve enrich-mix made for Nonesuch plate.

ouk: Was the music of these people important for you, before you had worked with them?

ap: Ohja, realm and Glass, Laurie Anderson one were importantly, exactly the same as power station, The kind OF Noise. To that extent it was completely beautifully mad to really work with them.

ouk: What are your plans for the next months?

ap: There is a new TRACK, which will rauskommen on a Fuel Compilation, it is called Game Over, I makes a Remix for De La Soul and has straight Mira Calix geremixed, for Warp and at all a considerable quantity of Remixe. I begin straight with its own label, it am called Touchin ' bass. The first publication will be naturally something from me, together with DJ Assault and DJ Godfather, as well as a DJ Godfather Remix. And some other artists will publish, among them DJ Panic there. In addition I arrange a Detroit Techno bass Compilation.

ouk: Respect, sounds after a quantity of work. How do you make all this alone?

ap: Notion, obviously I am not moved.

ouk: In Germany you are somewhat underrepresented.

ap: Since I left Mo'Wax, a quantity accumulated things, but it must be published everything first times

ouk: You exclusively present, if you are booked, or make you also Live sets

ap: I made in the past, but on the Mo'Wax plate I had a 40-koepfiges orchestras thereby, there can I not much make. The coming album will keep this possibility open.

ouk: Did you begin as DJ?

ap: No. I wrote music, before I gedeejayt.

ouk: Which Style?

ap: Hard core.

ouk: Breakbeat?

ap: Yes, exactly, before there were Jungle.

ouk: How did you meet with it, where you are there gone?

ap: I always got myself, heard, devoured an unbelievable quantity of music. I began as session Singer and for any hard core producers sang. When I came on the college, I had no more desire to sing in each case different people music. I participated in a Cubase course and began to write music.

ouk: Any famous plates from at that time, on which you sang?

ap: Now, some, but I used different aliases...

ouk: ... which you do not betray.

ap: Accurately (laughs).

ouk: When did you begin with presenting?

ap: I worked in a video production company, which made music for publicity films. And there was a type, which wanted to schmeissen a whole momentum sound effect plates into the garbage. I said, what the hell you make there, which I want to have! And I smuggled it raus and struck off. I collected old sound FX plates off there, Moog plates, things from the 70ern. I worked with four of deck, on the one ran the Moogs, on the other one the Streicher, African Percussion on third. When I had still no correct equipment, I had made so also my first TRACKS.

ouk: Which you describe, is nevertheless exactly the method, from which developed, which you do not make: Sampling. Which you make are actually composing. DJ producers against it are inclined rather to the Sampling. How do you stand to the discussion, which released Matthew Herbert, the thesis that Sampling is a putrid kind of producing?

ap: That agree I partially. But on the other hand I stand on HipHop, which is essentially carried by consistent Sampling. In the Big Beat scene there are there really terrible examples of Sampling, or with Daft Punk and everything that came to it: and then with the filters struggle marriages take an old Discoloop. I contract that not, the whole sound actually. Only because I do not use Samples, I make no a reproach therefore. But Fatboy Slim, chemicals... that is not my style. I am old School. In former times many HipHop producers used Drummachines. Today all take the old BREAK, and this endless recycling bores me. It arrives even drauf. Some control the Sampling, but if others work, and which SAM-polarizes leaves completely unchanged, kotzt me on. But there are this mad HipHop things... I likes for example of this Miami things, Techno bass, which DJ Godfather and DJ Assault make, there is tons of Samples in it, but those have simply their own sound.

ouk: Which is with the functional side of your plates. What is in your head for a scenario, if you produce a 12-inch?

ap: Horror films! (laughs) my music is always like that dark, I is reliably, sometime discovers it someone for horror films. Usually were so far always any dark documentations. My first TRACK on Sabrettes was used however for a toilet advertisement in Thailand.

ouk: ... which a very positive thing is. Who played as first DJ your plate? Can you remember? Was it Andy Wetherall?

ap: No, Alex Patterson of The Orb.

ouk: Your TRACKS are always a little too slow for the usual House or Technosets.

ap: Yes, they are not made actually for the Floor. A few D&B friends of me they began, by playing them on 45.

ouk: Where did you present dearest?

ap: Draws!!! In London. There there was three Floors, one of it very Detroit-moderately, Jeff Mills and so, an experimental area, and then still times Chicago.

ouk: Any other Favourites?

ap: pffff....ich does not know, dearest I play the States of, Hong Kong, Germany outside from London... am completely beautiful.

ouk: Are you how present in the states? What there do you make?

ap: Completely differently. Sometimes I play HipHop, sometimes electrical, sometimes also pure Miami bass things. But I met a quantity of people. R.E.M. came to one my Gigs, and Luscious Jackson. And one Parrish! That was moved.

It will shortly deny a USA route with R.E.M., and to be somewhat nervous therefore is finally a matter it admits it there of football stadiums. As the discussion toward more easily foolishness, honest confessions and insignificant Laestereien, makes sure it glides that the recording equipment is issued... it is so professionally! Perhaps Tscha, and we would have sat there still for a long time, the Pulle empty-made and the cold driven out, until it became time for their set, but draengelte there already again one of these siebenkoepfigen InterNet TV teams purely, and we said well-behaved Tschoe and good improvement and prepare mentally for their set. It harms that it was so empty. There were Anthony red ago, something smear melancholisches from the own laboratory, electrical radio from the Weisse-Handschuhe-und-3D-Brillen-Epoche... and each quantity of Booty music of fresh plates its Detroit buddy. The narrow Britin and the unartigen young with their fat trunk Subwoofern, which for a coole Connection. Mrs. Parker and their viceful circle, as the German rental business translated once the Dorothy Parker Biopic Mrs Parker's Vicious Circle. Jennifer Jason Leigh along-played there. Yes, correction: With "mixture from Diana Spencer and Jennifer Jason Leigh" is described it perhaps still better ] [ almond

Originally Appeared at Ouk. August/September 01.
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