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In Moments such as this...Heavy Lounging with Andrea Parker

"They should be educated", says Andrea Parker and I'm out of breath for a moment. They should be educated. One can see it this way too, naturally. German club people schould be educated. Who doesn't likes her records doesn't understand anything. "I am here to push boundaries."
With some effort Andrea Parker manages to keep the balance on a bar stool in the Hamburgian [?] bar "Lounge". it's half past four in the morning and Andrea Parker just finished a three and a half-hour long DJ-set at the Mojo-Club and bottle Jack Daniel's. She wears to much lipstick and when she's going to says something special she nods very fast and her half long fair hair does so, too. She's talking a bit by nose - just like any real English girl.
Andrea talks about London and how much she loves this city: "It's always busy and it keeps me competitive." She is living somewhere near Alexandra Palace. To the city centre she only goes by car. That takes only twenty minutes - at night. During the day she doesn't want do go to Westend anyway. But at night you sometimes have to work there, e.g. once a month to "The End" where she is resident dj. But her most favourite club is "Lost" at the "Lighthouse". However, really mad are all the illegal clubs in London. And don't talk about the "Blue Note". Andrea played there once at a weekend and it was terrible.
It was not to be expected but Andrea likes Germany. She quite often in Rosenheim, where there is a studio full of analog equipment. That's ideal 'cause she refuses to use sequencers and other digital stuff. On the other hand, Rosenheim is a bit conservative, Andrea remarks. Once, she was arrested for shoplifting at the supermarket just because she giggled. But beside this supermarket she doesn't know much of Rosenheim. Only the grass prices, and those are higher than in London. She likes DJ-ing in German, Andrea says: "I emptied quite a few German dance floors and I am proud of that." But today at the Mojo she had a good evening. The audience liked her very own definition of HipHop, spaciness and abstraction. Besides Andrea played until all, who stood beside the dance floor, had gone and even on the dance floor only half a dozen remained. Respect.
But now it's nearly five o'clock and looks over to her friend Liz, who accompanies her on this mini tour through Germany. Liz owns a pub near Baker Street: "The Duke of Wellington". It's furnished victorian style and sometimes they do Karaoke. However, Liz actually comes from Manchester and that's what you hear. Together we saunter across the Hans-Albers-Platz to the taxi rank. Ralf Köster from the M.F.O.C. club accompanies us and says something about having to be funny as a DJ. But Andrea hurls her backpack with exactly 100 records into the trunk of a taxi, enters and says: "It's my job to be funny."

By Robin Meyer Lucht

Originally Appeared at motor-music website. Article originally appeared in German and was translated to English by Sebastian  Herrfurth.