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Andrea Parker is 24 years old. Among other things she had operated as store detective, as a nurse in a psyciatric clinic and as a record shop assistant at FatCat Records in London. There it was also where her musical career began: Together with Alex Knight and Ian Tregoning of FatCat she recorded singles under the alias "Inky Blacknuss" . Records as "Angular Art" followed as well as releases together with the R&S producer David Morley as "Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox".
The beginning of 1995 saw her first solo 12" "Melodious Thunk" on Mo'Wax, where she will also publish her own album shortly and where finally the new single "Rocking Chair" appeared, too.
"Rocking Chair" is the result of hard work: Andrea, who had an classical education on cello, was occupied in the last eight years with diverse analogue synthesizers, collected about 3000 sound effect albums from the BBC and did various publications which gained her respected in the Techno scene.
For "Rocking Chair" Rob Dougan (of "Clubbed to Death" fame) arranged a 40-piece orchestra.
Andrea collects most of her Samples from her environment. Thus she used nails, which fall into a tin can, in place of the HiHats. For the bass in "Rocking Chair" she placed a microphone in an car, which drove by in a washing plant. Additionally she also sings!
Andrea Parker likes Underground Resistance and Drexciya, hates the music of the Chemical Brothers and is resident DJ in the London club LOST.
She hates 'All Female' club evenings, as well as journalists, who are interested in her because of her gender, not because of her music. Therefore she don't like to be compared with Bjork, because the only things they got in common is
a) both are female and
b) both make Techno in the broadest sense.

Originally Appeared at the German Mo Wax website. Article originally appeared in German and was translated to English by Sebastian  Herrfurth.